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This page will give you all the info you might need to apply. If you have any questions please contact us. 

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application FAQS

So you're thinking of applying but have lots of questions. We hope the following helps but if you've got further questions please be in touch. 

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. You need to be over 18. We recognise that people of all ages can be ready to start a new adventure with God!

Q. Need I currently attend a Scottish Network Church or Communitas project to join Launch?

A. No. If you don't currently attend a Network Church or have a connection with Communitas you can still apply to be part of Launch. 


Q. What academic experience do I need to have to participate in Launch? 

A. Launch aims to be accessible to people of any educational background. We will using some written material as part of our programme but audiobooks make accessing this information far easier then in the past.


Q. Do I need church planting or church leadership experience to be part of Launch?

A.  Ideally we see Launch as programme for those who have had some sort of leadership or church planting/mission experience. However, please don't let your lack of experience in these areas stop you from exploring whether Launch is for you. The application process will help us explore with you whether Launch is the right fit.


Q. How much time do I need to give to Launch?

A. You can engage with Launch on a part or full-time basis. We envisage that some people will be able to give all their time to Launch. In those cases the extra time you have available will be invested into your local placement. For those who work/study full time Launch can work alongside your ongoing commitments. 

We envisage that on a weekly basis (during term time):

  • One evening to meeting together with other participants (online or in person)

  • One evening or session engaged in leadership/mission in your local context

  • One evening or session for preparation, study and spiritual formation

On top of the weekly commitment we will have two residential trips (1 or 2 nights away) and 3 full day sessions (probably Saturdays) and 5 site visits (week day evenings or Sundays) In both cases they will be held at weekends so as not to require you taking time off work or study. 

It will take commitment and time to engage with Launch, however we believe that the one year you set aside may shape a lifetime of adventure in the Kingdom of God. 

Here is a sample calendar of what our programme might look like in 2025 based on our current programme.

Site application

If you are applying to be a site that hosts a Launch participant please fill the linked form. 

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