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Where are we going?

Launch is a programme that seeks to enable transformation and growth. It's not about what we know but what kind of people we are becoming through God's grace. 

What might this look like in practise? 

Through training, coaching and on-site ministry experiences, participants will learn how to…


personal spiritual formation and self-care through contemplative practices


training in philosophy of ministry, cultural contextualization, leadership; learning to be inquisitive and free to experiment with new forms of ministry


develop a team-based approach to forming relationships with neighbours into knowing and following Christ


growing a humble, collaborative, non-heroic, servant's heart


 guiding a church plant or missional church team into deeper engagement with it's ministry context


This is the way we do things. 

Christ focused - Kingdom first


Mission minded

Inclusive - open to all participants

Safe - engaging in community with other participants while being free to explore, question and experiment

Practical - training directly applied to real-life ministry experiences in the field

Relational - experience rooted in collegiality, relational love and hospitality

Intentional - that participants become healthy, humble, non-heroic leaders

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